Ancient Temples, High Kings, Marauding Vikings and a Masacre

Drogheda Masacre

Ancient Temples, High Kings, Marauding Vikings and a Massacre! You don’t only visit the sites in the Boyne valley each one has a story as interesting as the site itself. The passage tombs of Bru na Boinne and Loughcrew date

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Passage Tombs Of Ireland

Passage Tombs Of Ireland A passage tomb is a mound structure with a passage into the center, sometimes the passage has other passages leading off to the sides and through excavation it was found that there were burials within the

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The Giant’s Causeway From Dublin

The Giants Causeway From Dublin Whether it was created by volcanic activity millions of years ago or by a battle between Irish and Scottish giants, the Giant’s Causeway has been an awe inspiring piece of landscape on the Irish coastline.

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The Celtic Boyne Valley Day Trip

The Celtic Boyne Valley Day Trip  Yesterday I went on a Celtic Boyne Valley day trip. My driver and tourguide was Jim, he’s a really nice and funny guy and you can clearly understand what he is talking about even

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Cork and Blarney castle

This tour to the south of Ireland will leave you stunned. Probably, when you think about Ireland the first things that comes to mind are the mountains, cliffs… but the truth is that this country offers more than that. On

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Celtic Boyne Valley tour

Celtic Boyne Valley Tour A trip to the Boyne Valley, is a journey through time, that goes back to many years of antiquity and  leads you to discover the incredible past of Ireland. This marvelous tour, will bring you to the amazing

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Cliffs Of Moher Ireland

Cliffs Of Moher Ireland The Cliffs of Moher are regarded as one of Ireland’s best tourist destinations due to their magnificent beauty and without a doubt they are worth the visit any time of the year. While it can be

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A Day in the Boyne Valley

A Day in The Boyne Valley-Hill of Tara, Bective Abbey, Trim Castle, Loughcrew and Monasterboice, As somebody who has lived all their life in the heart of the Boyne Valley this was one tour I was particularly looking forward to

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Belfast City and Back Again!

Belfast City Downpatrick and The Mourne Mountains The Black Velvet Band and Tell Me Ma, two well known Irish songs that share one thing in common which is their reference to Belfast City. It was in neat little town they

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Connemara Galway – Into The West

Connemara Galway – Into The West When one thinks of the wild west I’m sure barren deserts, pokey saloon bars, cowboys and Indians, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, among other things, spring to mind. And I’m pretty sure Connemara is

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