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Belfast Tour


DEPARTURE TIME : 8:00AM ( Arrive 10 mins before )


PRICE : €50 Adult

PRICE : €45 Student / Senior – Youth 13yrs – 16yrs / 65+

PRICE : €25:00 Child 5yrs – 12yrs

PRICE : Children under 5 free

 This price includes a guided tour of Belfast City, including a visit to The Belfast Peace Wall ( one of Ireland’s 7 Wonders ), the Republican Museum , St Patrick’s Grave & Exhibition Centre at Downpatrick , Dundrum Castle  and  The Mourne Mountains





Just a 2 hour drive out of Dublin is another great city that sits politically in a different country.  The great city of Belfast is the capital of northern Ireland and this 1 day tour to Belfast will not only take you on a tour of the city but you will also see many other gems of the north including historical and natural treasures.

Our guides are full of knowledge about northern Ireland from its great mountains to St Patrick and of course the troubles that have scarred this part of the country over many decades. The guides will tell you stories of old and interesting tales.  If you’re lucky they might even sing you a few songs along the way.  So just sit back on this amazing day tour a take it all in !

After a quick coffee break before we hit the border we will head directly for Belfast city to begin our tour of the city.  Your guide will take you first around west Belfast, the home of the famous ( or infamous ) Peace Wall. You will also visit the Republican museum before you’re dropped in the city centre for some free time and lunch ( not included ).  You might need to change some money to Sterling pounds as you are now in the United Kingdom!  After exploring the city centre we depart on the second half of the city tour to East Belfast and the birthplace of RMS Titanic.

Having explored Belfast city, your northern adventure has only just begun as we head out of the city to the town of Downpatrick and the resting place of Ireland’s most famous saint.  Here you will visit the Saint Patrick Centre where you will learn all about the patron saint of Ireland and after visit Down cathedral where you will find the grave of Saint Patrick himself.   Then on to the coastal village of Dundrum and visit it’s Norman castle.  Climb to the top of the fortified walls and see the amazing views for miles.

We then move on to the highest mountain range in northern Ireland, The Mourne Mountains where we will make a photo stop at an area of outstanding beauty at Spelga Dam.  Ask your guide to show you gravity hill and watch your tour bus ‘roll up’ a hill all by itself !!  From there you will travel down the coast line and make another stop at Ross’ Monument which is dedicated to Major General Robert Ross, who burned down the White House in retaliation for the Americans burning York ( now modern Toronto ) in 1813 !

Sadly all great adventures must come to an end so sit back while your guide plays some traditional music and enjoy reminiscing about your day tour to the north as you make your way back to Dublin.  




This 1 day tour to Belfast city & northern Ireland departs from Suffolk Street ( outside the old stone church ).  Once your guide makes sure that everyone is happy you'll make your way out of the city heading north pass the famous Croke Park Stadium, the port tunnel and Dublin airport. Along the way your guide will give you an overview behind the history of northern Ireland, how it came to be and an insight into the conflict or 'troubles' of northern Ireland and its origins.


You now arrive in Belfast City.  Your guide will begin your tour of the city in two parts.  We first visit west Belfast where you will make a photo stop at the infamous Peace Wall.  This 25ft wall divides the Loyalist community from the Republican community. Loyalist are those who are loyal to the Queen of England and wish to keep Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom.  Republicans are those who ultimately want a united Ireland and the removal of the British claim to the northern part of the island. You will also visit the Republican museum ( not opened Sun & Mon ) before we drop you in the city centre for some free time and lunch ( not included ).


Take some time to explore Belfast city centre and have some lunch in the many pubs and restaurants.  Here are a few suggestion of things to do during this time :

  • - Fancy a pint ?  Then drop in to one of the city's oldest and most interesting bars - the Crown Liquor Saloon.
  • - Visit Saint Anne's cathedral or also known as Belfast cathedral.
  • - See the leaning tower of Belfast at Albert's Memorial Clock.
  • - Drop into one of Belfast's main landmarks at the Belfast City hall.


We start the second half of your Belfast city guided tour, this time to east Belfast, home of the Harland & Wolff shipyard and of course the birthplace of the famous RMS Titanic.  We then leave the city and head south to the town of Downpatrick and get close to Ireland's most famous saint.


Welcome to Downpatrick which means 'Patrick's stronghold'!  You will first visit the Saint Patrick centre where you will learn all about the saint who first came to Ireland as a boy slave to work as a Sheppard. You will be shown a film telling his life story before you take a short walk to Down cathedral and his grave which sits beside it on high ground.


Onwards and moving south again to the small village of Dundrum which holds one of Ireland's Norman castles built by John De Courcy in the 12th century.  This castle is protected by strong fortified walls which circle an inner high tower, the home of De Courcy. Climb to the top of the battlements and gaze at these amazing coastal views as far as the eye can see.


You will now drive high above sea level as your guide takes you through northern Ireland's highest range of mountains called the Mourne Mountains.  See Slieve Donard, the Mourne's highest peak sore high above other peaks at a lake side stopping point.  Your driver will then show you something mystifying.  There is a hill called 'gravity hill' where you will see with your own eyes your tour bus 'roll up' a hill all by itself !!!


All good things must come to an end and sadly we must leave beautiful northern Ireland, but not before one last stop.  As we move further south closer to the border we make a short stop at Ross' Monument which sits on a spectacular stretch of coast.  This 99ft pillar is dedicated to the man who burned down the White House in retaliation of the Americans burning York in 1813.  York is now modern Toronto !  


Arrive back in Dublin and tell all your friends about your adventure to northern Ireland !

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Belfast Tour Testimonials


“Gotta see Belfast with Eddie”

Lets face it, the travel guide makes the difference in a bad or good tour. Eddie delivered as we wanted to learn about the history of the Belfast "troubles". The entire day was worth the price of the ticket easily and we saw the countryside, Belfast, and St. Patrick's grave. Would book a tour with this group again and Eddie is the way to go for information.

TRIP ADVISOR Visited March 2014




“Very enjoyable day”

We did the Belfast Day tour and our tour Guide Jim (and trainee Sarah), ensured that we had a very informative and enjoyable day. We were not so lucky with the weather (a bit wet and windy), but the tour itself was excellent. We were sorry not to have also booked the one to Cork but we just ran out of time in the end. Highly recommended.

TRIP ADVISOR Visited March 2014




“Denis & Barbara Az.”

Was the best day trip we ever took. What can I say about Wayne. Knew stuff we never even thought of. made our day so enjoyable. Knows so much irish history. Takes care of his passengers just like they were his family. I highly reccomend this company and Wayne.
We took two trips with this company. The other trip was to Blarney castle and stone. This trip was with Eddie. Another wonderful and knowable driver and tour guide. I recccomend either of these tour guides and trips. So if you take one of them ask for wayne or eddie you won't be disappointed. It is worth every penny or euro it costs.

TRIP ADVISOR Visited February 2014




“Daytrip to Belfast”

We had a lovely day. The guide (Jim) was fantastic! He knew the history, and also had a lot of funny anecdotes. He was friendly and helpful in every way. Thank you Jim! Karl & Heidi from Norway

TRIP ADVISOR Visited September 2012



Went on the Belfast tour with Mike Murphy as our guide. Left from Dublin. A cracking day. Mike was simply fantastic, always made sure we were well looked after. Great tour, great day, full of fascinating information. Please pass on our gratitude to Mike.

Regards Rob Cavalin
Feb - 2012

“Up close and personal history of Ireland!”

Reviewed 1 February 2012 I LOVED this tour! There were just a dozen of us, or so, and we left Dublin very early in the morning. It was quite cold, and traveling alone, I made the (as it turns out!) wise decision to sit up front with the driver, Cat. Cat has personal experience in Belfast.... and he knows a number of the individuals who were pivotal members in the conflict between Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland.

Two of us were fortunate enough to hear some of his personal stories about his younger days during a period of Ireland's history in which there were frequent bombings and lots of unrest. It was completely fascinating and I learned so much about the history of the conflict and how people (on both sides of the issue) feel about it, today.

We visited a Dolmen (you have to wonder how they got those stones up there!) and the town of Drogheda, where we had a "face to face" with Saint Oliver Plunkett.

Aside from the history, the drive was beautiful, even with some black ice on the roads. I loved seeing another part of Ireland and Cat was willing to stop to let us take pictures, stretch our legs, and take breaks, quite frequently.

The Wall of Peace, the gates that still close at night in Belfast, the Europa hotel, the Titanic museum... take the opportunity to see Belfast and still get home to Dublin in time for a nice dinner! Be sure to ask for Cat - the skinny Santa Claus!


Reviewed by Lora G, USA,
Viator - October 2011

"All my Extreme Ireland Trips were Fantastic, You get to see so much as well, without feeling rushed...Belfast is something to see, another side of Ireland not to be missed"

Reviewed by Dan B,
Viator - January 2012

"Trip was most informative, driver was very knowledgeable". Dan and Lurlene, Australia.

Reviewed by viktoria s,
Viator - October 2011

"I really loved this trip, going through Ireland, seeing the countryside was great. Belfast is a city that leaves an impact... absolutely a must see. Our guide, Russ, is absolutely a fantastic guy with a great knowledge about Ireland, very helpful, speaking a very clear English (which is rare in Ireland). All in all, this trip is a must, great value for money and highly recommend to anybody who wanna see more of Ireland."

Reviewed by Chris, USA,
Viator - December 2011

" Even though Belfast is a little depressing because of its fairly recent history of violence, the trip was very informative and the tour guides where very knowledgable and charming. I would reccomend! "

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