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Cliffs of Moher Tour From Dublin

DEPARTURE TIME : 6:50AM ( Arrive 10mins before )


PRICE : €50 Adult

PRICE : €45 Student – Senior – Youth 13yrs / 16yrs

PRICE : €25:00 Child 5yrs / 12yrs

PRICE : Children under 5 free




We now offer a Cliffs Of Moher Aran Islands combination tour with an overnight stay on Innis Mor €99 (Book your own accommodation)





Embark on a journey you’ll never forget from Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher. Travel to the Iconic Cliffs of Moher while meeting fellow travellers from near and far. Our uniquely structured tour will show you much more than the cliffs taking in The Burren, Corcomroe Abbey and many other stunning sights.

Our tour guides are not only entertaining and resourceful but their alluring accents will only add to such a magical experience. Join us on this enchanting adventure to Ireland’s flourishing west coast and then back again all within a day. During your travels, we will educate you on the various flora and fauna as well as the fascinating history that is based primarily on the Cliffs of Moher. While holidaying in Ireland, this impressive Cliffs of Moher day trip is an absolute must! Each and every time we book a trip to this particular location, it seems to have slightly changed, adding new and exciting twists as well as surprises which truly never grows old.

You’ll have the wonderful opportunity of strolling about one of Ireland’s 7 Wonders as well as acclaimed tourist attractions; alongside an extensive panorama view of the astounding Aran Islands. After a refreshing stroll, we will advance on towards the limestone section of Ireland; also referred to as the “Burren” – where you will wonder about the klints and grikes all the while observing the radically unique flora and fauna that is solely native to this incredible ecosphere. And don’t forget to keep a watchful eye out for the marvelous variety of flowers that can only be found within this budding region.

If the weather permits, we’re able to stop for lunch alongside the raved-about cliffs. Otherwise, we’ll make our way down to the quaint village of Doolin. Once you’re finished with lunch we’ll take a short hike around the Burren before we visit the fantastic Corcomroe Abbey We then set off on your journey back towards Dublin, this time by using a different route (in order to maximize the quality of your trip) via Galway Bay which includes even more wonderful photo opportunities. Listed below is our detailed itinerary in order for you to have a more comprehensive inside-look at what our Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher day trip has to offer…


  6:50am Leaving from Dublin bus tours depart daily from outside the old stone church located on Suffolk Street (sitemap is available within the link to the booking page). Once you’ve found your location of departure, you’ll begin your exciting new escapade across the west coast terrain of Ireland! However, before leaving you’ll meet your fun-loving and very knowledgeable tour guide who will introduce you to your fellow drifting travel companions! In addition, the first part of your day will start off by heading westward, passing the Guinness factory and Kilmainham Jail. Also, you will get to see the Curragh horse racing track as well as some of the rustic castles along the way.


11:00am Arrive at the Cliffs of Moher where you’ll be allotted sufficient amount of time to walkabout this exclusive piece of history while being captivated by the outstanding cliffs and their beyond beautiful surroundings. Personal access to the site along with the preference to watch an interactive show inside the visitor centre is included within our overall price.


12:45pm Now it’s time to grab a bite to eat so if the weather permits then we’ll have lunch near the cliffs, otherwise we’ll head on down to the charming village of Doolin. Typically we eat at Fitzpatrick’s Pub because of their highly ranked fish and chowder! In addition, this village is well-known for its Irish music and welcoming locals on top of the fact that it’s near Lisdoonvarna, famous for its match-making festival that’s held on an annual basis.


2:00pm Once you’ve finished with lunch, we’ll head off for a refreshing walk around the karst region of the Burren before surveying the 12th century Corcomroe Abbey. The Burren is renowned across the globe for its uniquely diverse fauna that you are most likely able to come across during your tour with us. Also, keep a watchful eye out for the orchids and the astounding gentian blue flowers that solely grow in this particular region of the country.


4:30pm Now it’s time to make our way back towards Dublin, this time using the Galway Bay route which conveniently includes a wonderful photo opportunity at Dunguaire Castle located in Kinvara. In addition, you will also have the grand experience of visiting the Corcomroe Abbey which is a 12th century abbey within such an enchanting setting. To conclude your day full of adventure, you should plan to arrive back in Dublin city centre approximately around 7pm.


7:00pm To finish off, we’ll arrive back in Dublin to reminisce about all of the exciting highlights!

Cliffs of Moher Photo Gallery

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Cliffs of Moher Tour Testimonials


“Great price and great tour”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 11 February 2015 NEW Two friends and I were in Ireland for only a few days. Since our trip was so short we were being extremely selective on what sights we wanted to see. We originally had planned to rent a car. Instead we booked the Cliffs of Moher tour. I am SO glad we did. Our tour guide, Colin, was knowledgeable and provided us with relevant history along the way, and made the trip fun by adding in some humor. We made several stops on our way to/from the cliffs. I feel like we saw and learned more than we would have if we had rented a car. This tour is HIGHLY recommended. The cliffs are breath taking and a must see! TRIP ADVISOR Reviewed February 2015   *******************************************************************************************  

“Cliffs of Moher Day Tour”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 10 February 2015 NEW This was a very long day but one of the best travel experiences of my life. My 13 yr old son and I took this tour and it was the highlight of our trip. Our guide, Bud, was amazing and very accommodating. The day was broken up over several stops, all gorgeous and spaced so that you don't mind being on the bus. The Cliffs were just breathtaking. Lots of steps but also broken up so you didn't have to take them all on at one clip. Seeing the coastline and driving through the small towns really enables you to experience the whole deal. This is a "MUST SEE" for any trip to Ireland. TRIP ADVISOR Reviewed February 2015   *******************************************************************************************  

“A Great Day”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 27 January 2015
Never in a million years did I expect to see what my wife and I saw the day we went to the Cliffs Of Moher. What a journey! The Cliffs, and the town of Doolin were my favorite stops. And, our tour guide, Jim, was exceptional. His knowledge and charm made the day even more memorable. Big thanks to him as well!

“Sarah is Amazing”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 19 January 2015
I took the Cliffs of Moher day tour with tour guide Sarah on January 18th, 2014. She was absolutely incredible and made the experience very enjoyable. The cliffs and additional stops were a great way to see much of Ireland. Sarah was very professional, entertaining, and really made the trip worth it. She is a true asset to this company! Thank you to Sarah for giving my friends and I an incredible day! Because of her I would definitely recommend Irish Day Tours to my friends and family.
Visited January 2015



“Joseph is the best!”

Joseph is the best tour guide/presenter/entertainer that we've ever met. We went to the Cliffs on August 7th, and Joseph made what was already an outstanding experience that much better. He was incredibly funny (and I'm not the type to laugh out loud), smart, exceptionally educated about the history and culture of Ireland, and dedicated to giving us the best experience he could muster (even if it meant arriving back in Dublin 45 minutes later than planned, on a day that he was very clearly becoming ill with a cold. He wanted to make sure to show us all of the beautiful places that he himself so clearly was passionate about.). We can't say enough great things about this tour - and especially about Joseph. He is a gem of an individual.
Visited August 2014

“Cliffs of Moher”

We had a fantastic trip to the Cliffs of Moher on 04 August with Extreme Ireland / Irish Day Tours. Our driver, Liam, was absolutely the best! He obviously enjoys his job very much, and he spruced up the ride with short stories of Irish history and anecdotes from some of the small towns and villages we passed through along the way. Liam always kept the passenger's comfort in mind, and he stopped enough times to allow us to stretch our legs and top off with coffee/tea (and of course, "nature" breaks). Of course the cliffs themselves were magnificent and very much worth the drive to see them. We were very lucky to have perfect weather while we were there, which made the picture-taking that much better! Overall, EI / IDT ran a very fun, efficient, informative, and issue-free day for us. I would definitely recommend any tour with EI / IDT, and I plan to do another on my next trip to long as Liam drives us. :-) As a side note, I met several of EI / IDT's drivers during some of our rest stops. They're all really nice folks and work hard at making these trips memorable for their guests. At the risk of sounding preachy, at the end of your trip please remember to tip these folks generously. They drive long hours in huge buses on some very narrow and challenging roads. They take the time to learn and relate their proud history to mainly foreign visitors. A little show of appreciation for their effort and great service is always nice. Just sayin'....
Visited August 2014

“Cliffs of Moher Tour by Irish Day Tours”

Our tour guide and driver, Barry, was outstanding. He was very funny and witty and I found myself listening to him instead of reading my book. I feel like I learned a lot about Irish history as well as about current events from him. The tour was a positive surprise because it turns out we made so many different stops. In addition to Cliffs of Moher (bring your camera and comfortable shoes for walking), we stopped in the city of Limerick, Doolin Village for lunch, the Burren (or the mini cliffs - my favorite part), a graveyard church, as well as Kinvara village. Bring snacks for the bus, your favorite book, headset for music in case you don't care for listening to tour guide and enjoy this amazing value. In addition, we were so lucky (June 30, 2014) because the weather was perfect (sunny, bright, upper 70F). It is rare to have perfect weather, so don't be disappointed if it ends up being foggy. Apparently, that's much more common. This tour is 5-star. I highly recommend it. TRIP ADVISOR Reviewed August 2014   ********************************************************************************************  

“Efficient & informative day trip”

The daytrip to the cliffs of moher. The bus driver, EDDY, put very much effort in informing us about all the way to the venue in terms of History, Life in Irland and even Irish jokes, which we really appreciated and enjoyed. Just a tip: It´s quite a long journey, so preferably take a pillow and some warm clothes with you (climatisation), otherwise really TOP! Thanks a lot Eddy!!! (-: Reviewed August 2014   *******************************************************************************************