5 Tips for taking great pictures on your trip to Ireland


How to make your photos stand out from the rest

Ireland is an incredibly scenic country, and there’s a perfect photograph opportunity around every corner. So what do you do when every photo you take is blurry and you cut Mom’s head out of the picture for the fourth time? Taking beautiful pictures is an art, and the good news is that it can be taught! These are my five tips for taking awesome photos when you’re exploring the emerald isle, no expensive equipment required.  Here are our 5 tips for taking great pictures on your trip to Ireland.


1.Lighting is everything, am I right?

The easiest tip for lighting is keep the sun to your back when taking photos, or the sun and some silhouettes are all you will see. Overcast skies are usually the best lighting for taking photographs of people. There’s no blinding light taking over the picture and also no squinting on the subject’s part. Use the light to your advantage.

small-Cliffs of Moher, Co. ClareExtreme Ireland Day Tours - Cliffs of Moher

2. Play with your angles

Angles make all the difference and really boost your photographer game. A common mistake when taking group photos in front of an attraction is to place the group directly in front of the attraction. Except now you can’t see the attraction behind them. Take group photos from a diagonal, not from head on. If you want the Blarney castle in your family photo, don’t cover up Blarney castle with the family. The same rule goes for selfies. You can also get better angles by getting lower to the ground or leaning back, especially with all the castles, churches, and mountains of Ireland. It makes the attraction (and you) look taller and doesn’t cut off the top. You can use angles to take some really unique photos too!

Extreme Ireland Day Tours-Portumna Castle

3.Patience, patience, patience

You will be far from alone at most of the attractions in Ireland; you’re going to have to fight to keep other people from getting in the way of your perfect picture (don’t actually fight). Don’t just settle for the first picture you snap, take your time and wait for people to clear out of your shot. You want a picture of the Giant’s Causeway

, not the other tourists! So wait until they clear out of the way to get a perfect shot with no random heads in the screen.

The good news is that no one will cut in front of your pictures at the Cliffs of Moher…. because they will fall off.


4. Get a photo editing app

Most of us don’t have a fancy camera with all the special lenses gadgets. Most people use their phones to take pictures. But you can get great quality photos with your phone and touch them up with the hundreds of editing apps out there. So brighten those colors, get rid of red eye, and crop out any unsightly parts. You don’t need a swanky camera to take great pictures in Ireland.


5.Be camera ready

Ireland is so scenic, that you never know when the perfect photograph opportunity will arise. Don’t let it pass you up! You don’t want to miss dolphins swimming off the coast of the Cliffs of Moher

, or have a dead phone when the cutest pub in Dublin is right around the corner, or miss the fox pups playing in the field on the drive home, the list goes on. Ireland is always ready to give you something to photograph, so don’t miss your chance.

Extreme Ireland Day Tours-St. Stephen's Green, Dublin

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