7 Things to know when booking a day tour from Dublin

  1. They are great when you have limited time in Ireland

    Most tours go to multiple locations, so you can kill two birds with one stone. The Cliffs of Moher and Galway city is a super popular day trip in Ireland with multiple locations. There’s so much to see in Ireland, it’s impossible to fit everything in a short time. But day tours make it a reachable goal.Extreme Ireland Day Tours Galway, Eyre Square

  2. Make sure you are on time for everything

    Timeliness is not optional. If you are late, you will be left. Sure, Ireland might be an island, but they are not on island time. Don’t expect the whole bus to wait an hour for you to finish your pint when you book a trip.

  3. Book early

    Tours can book up quick, especially on the weekend and especially the popular locations. Don’t wait to book your tour until the night before, because you probably won’t be going anywhere. The two most popular day tours are the Giants Causeway and the Cliffs of Moher, so book them early!Extreme Ireland Day Tours Giants Causeway

  4. Get good seats

    Seats aren’t assigned on the coaches, so arrive early if you want to sit together as a group. Keep in mind that the seat you choose is your seat for the entire day. Maybe ask your bus driver which side gets the best views before sitting down.

  5. Count on Wi-Fi but not chargers

    Almost all coaches are equipped with free Wi-Fi, but not all coaches have USB ports to charge your phone, so plan accordingly.

  6. There are tours to just about everywhere

    There are day tours available to all major attractions in Ireland, so check out a bus tour before you go through the hassle of renting a car and driving on the old Irish roads or taking the train. They take a lot of stress out of exploring Ireland.

    Extreme Ireland Day Tours Ballycastle Sheep

  7. They can save you stress and money

    Admission fees are included in the price of your tour most of the time; between admissions and transportation, day tours save you money most of the time.  Make sure you look into them!


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