‘Tis the Season: Summer Festivals and activities in Ireland

‘Tis the Season: Summer Festivals and activities in Ireland

Summer is a time to go outside and enjoy activities with your friends and family in the sun – or whatever weather you get during summer in Ireland. To make the most of your summer in the country, whether you’re on vacation or you live here, we looked for some of the best activities and events to visit this summer.


Dublin Pride, June 20th-29th

Ireland's Pride events are vibrant celebrations of the LGBTQ+ community, held throughout the summer and across various cities, such as Dublin, Galway and Cork. Dublin Pride, the largest of these events, takes place in June and features a colorful parade through the city center on June 29th. A week-long festival of parties, cultural events, and discussions leads up to this highlight and brings people together in celebration and solidarity.


Galway International Arts Festival, July 15th-28th

One of Ireland's premier arts festivals, the Galway International Arts Festival takes place every July. This multi-disciplinary arts festival features an impressive lineup of theater, dance, music, visual arts, and street performances. Artists from all over the world come to showcase their work, making it a cultural melting pot. Strolling through the vibrant streets of the charming Galway during the festival, you'll be treated to a feast of colour, creativity, and expression.

Source: Ruby Doan on Unsplash


Féile an Phobail, August 1st-11th

Taking place in Belfast, Féile an Phobail (Festival of the People) is the largest community arts festival in Ireland. It was established in 1988 as a way to contrast the tension in Northern Ireland and has grown into a major event with an extensive program of music, theater, talks, tours, and family activities. Actually, it offers activities and events throughout the hole year. From the 1st to the 11th of August, however, the flagship festival August Féile is a highlight in every calendar.


Dublin Horse Show, August 14th-18th

Held in early August, the Dublin Horse Show is one of the most prestigious equestrian events in the world. Taking place at the Royal Dublin Society (RDS), this event is not just for horse enthusiasts. While the main attractions are the showjumping competitions featuring top international riders, the show also offers competitions for younger riders as well as live music, artistic performances and family-friendly entertainment. It's a fantastic day out for every age!

Source: K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash


Puck Fair, August 10th-12th

One of Ireland’s oldest and most unusual festivals, Puck Fair takes place in Killorglin, County Kerry, every August. The festival’s origins date back over 400 years, and it involves the crowning of a wild goat (the “Puck”) as King of the town. The three-day event includes a variety of activities such as a cattle fair, horse fair, live music, fireworks, and parades. It’s a unique blend of tradition and fun, offering a glimpse into Ireland’s cultural heritage.


Kilkenny Arts Festival, August 8th-18th

Kilkenny, also known as the Marble City, hosts the Kilkenny Arts Festival every August. This festival is renowned for its high-quality performances in classical music, theater, dance, and visual arts. Set against the backdrop of Kilkenny’s beautiful medieval streets and historic buildings, the festival creates a magical atmosphere that draws art lovers from far and wide. It’s an opportunity to experience world-class art in an almost intimate and historic setting.

Source: Kat Kelley on Unsplash


Rose of Tralee International Festival, August 16th-20th

The Rose of Tralee International Festival, held in late August in Tralee, County Kerry, is certainly one of Ireland’s more unusual but also one of its most beloved events. This festival celebrates young women of Irish descent from all around the world, who compete for the title of Rose of Tralee. The crowning of the Rose is also broadcast live on TV. It’s a celebration of Irish culture and community, in the country and beyond its borders.


From Horseriding competitions to music festivals, from arts and theater to unique events, celebrating Irish history, culture or simply Irish Craic. There is lots to do in Ireland during summer! And if that is not enough, maybe the Dingle Food Festival or the Irish Game Fair and Fine Food Festival are just the right thing for you. Or you check out our list of festivals in Ireland in 2024 for more events throughout the year.

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