Cork, Rock of Cashel and Blarney Castle

Our Cork and Blarney tour started at 6:50 when we met on the cosy bus. Our driver Joey amused us all the time with Irish songs, stories and different comments. Maybe a leprechaun was tickling him all the time?
After a short coffee break we stopped at The Rock of Cashel where we had 40 minutes to discover it. It is really breathtaking building, where you can see St. Patrick’s cross, Hall of Vicars, Cormac’s chapel, Celtic Cathedral and the round tower.
rock of Cashel, Day tour
At 12:30 we came to Blarney castle which is surrounded with beautiful gardens. Blarney Castle is very big and it gives you good opportunity to discover it. It has many rooms and of course famous stone. I kissed it and received Gift of the Gab. I also didn’t forget about the caves under it. After 1hour and 40 minutes we went to Cork.
Blarney Castle, day tours Ireland
In Cork we spent an hour and a half. I visited The English Market where I bought something to eat and went to Saint Finbar’s Gothic Cathedral. I decided to enter although I don’t like to pay entrance fee for churches. I wanted to visit also St. Anne’s Church but I didn’t have any more time. I’ll visit it next time. It’s good to leave a reason to come back again.
Cork, Blarney
It was 7pm and we came back in Dublin – right on time. I’ll remember this day for the castles and singing Joey 🙂