Croke Park Tour

Croke Park Tour

Croke Park is more than just a stadium were we get to see our counties vie for the coveted Sam Maguire or the MacCarthy cup it is now open to the public to walk in the footsteps of their sporting heroes. The Croke park tour has three distinct parts, a tour of the grounds an interactive museum and the ethiad skyline tour.

The Stadium tour is an access all areas tour were you get to visit the dressing rooms imagine the tension your team feels before they face a battle on the pitch in front of 80 thousand fans. Sit pitchside in the V.I.P area imagine yourself as president of the country not many of us will imagine ourselves as Taoiseach the shame the shame!! Then get a birds eye view of the stadium from the highest tier, all this with an excellent guide informing you on the stadium history and the place of the GAA in Irish Society. The stadium tour is available on its own or combined with the museum.

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The museum is for me the highlight of the tour. My expectations of a museum are exhibitions and information and  in fairness the Museum delivers on this front with great information and exhibitions. For anyone with an in debt interest in any specific topic the information is available on their Database and can be easily accessed. The surprise is the many interactive activities in the museum, Check out your hurling and football skills and then see if you have what it takes mentally to be an all Ireland champion.

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The Etiad Skyline tour is exactly what it says it is, panoramic views over the city skyline. Towering over the city skyline 17 stories high, walk along the 600 m long platform with 6 viewing points. At each viewing platform there is a multilingual audio guide giving information on history, buildings and sites in the line of vision from that point.

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Tickets for the Croke park tour or any single part of the tour are available in our online tourist office and in our tourist offices 37 College green and 69 O’Connell street.