A day With Delia to Belfast

And here I am… my last tour…

I am finishing my project at Extreme Ireland next week..

So yesterday I went on my last Day Tour to Belfast.

It not only goes to the capital of Northern Ireland… but stops in many other places!

We left Dublin later than usual, at 8 am and arrived at around 10.30 at the Titanic Museum, it was built right here on the Belfast docks, which I didn’t know ..

Our guide was Shane and he gave us half an hour to have a look inside and outside.

And then we travelled to the PEACE WALL. Actually I expected it to be longer, something like the Berlin one, but you can feel all the troubles there through Shane’s stories..


And he drove us over to the Catholic side as well..


The REPUBLICAN MUSEUM…is situated nearby and entrance here is also covered by the tour.

In this place, you feel the Irish troubles come to life during its worst years… there are the weapons the I.R.A. used during the Civil Rights cause. There are music instruments, as well as prisoners crafts, and press articles.


They recreated a prison cell in another room with all the stuff the prisoner would’ve had in it…there were lots of girls who joined the cause! I surely didn’t want to leave that place…


but I was late and all the group was waiting for me on the bus…

So Shane drove us to the city center, next to the City Hall and left us an hour and a half for lunch.


So I sit in the garden right there and ate my sandwich and fruit and then had a walk to the Opera House…Amazing!!!


At around 2 pm we left Belfast on the way to the town of Downpatrick and the resting place of Ireland’s most famous saint! Saint Patrick’s grave is situated there, next to the cathedral where Shane told us all his history…


We visited Saint Patrick center as well, where we watched a video about his life and his devotees’ pilgrimages.

And so we arrived to the funniest part of the day!

After Dundrum Castle stop, with the wonderful views from its top..


Shane drove us up to the Mourne Mountains, the highest mountain range in Northern Ireland with lots of sheep, goats and pigs. We even stopped to feed them with Shane’s apples!!!!


They were soooo cute!!

And the landscape was… AMAZING!!!


No words can express how thankful I am to this great company with a great staff with whom I have been working and travelling with all around Ireland, feeling at home!


An unforgettable experience in my life, I will keep it in my heart’s luggage!

Thank you again EXTREME TEAM!