Giants Causeway tour from Dublin – Journey of Discovery

Today on the Giants causeway tour from Dublin we’re off to Northern Ireland part of the united Kingdom as the Giant’s Causeway is situated in Ulster.

Giants causeway tour from Dublin

We travel along the motorway to Northern Ireland and then take the coastal route along the Antrim coastline. This coastal drive is stunning dotted with quaint villages cliffs and ocean views. This leads us to Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. The bridge links the mainland to the tiny island of Carrickarede.
From where the bus dropped us off to where the bridge is located, it is about 1 km to go. It was not the easiest 1 km I have done in my life because it was very windy that day which made ​​it a little harder.
I wondered why everyone went so slowly and held so tightly to the rope as they walked across the bridge because I thought it looked a little wimpy. But I understood them then when it was my turn to go over the bridge. Because it was so open at the bridge winds were even stronger there. So I had to hold the ropes too. It was fun to try to walk across a rope bridge that had rushing water below, it was a cool feeling and I do not think I will do something similar again.

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Giants Causeway tour from Dublin, day tour

After the rope bridge we went to see the rock face known as the Giant’s Causeway. There we also walk a little bit to see it and I like to walk so for me it was no problem. But there was also a bus you could get there if you wanted. When I arrived I could not understand that nature has made it because the contours looked unreal, this is fascinating. Again the scenery is fantastic and the stories and legends add to the experience.

Giants causeway tour from Dublin, Giants causeway


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We travel on and have a picture stop at Dunluce Castle before we visit Belfast. We have one hour to explore this lovely historic city before we head back to Dublin. 

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This giants causeway tour from Dublin is a must for anyone visiting Ireland.