Celtic Boyne Valley tour

Celtic Boyne Valley Tour

A trip to the Boyne Valley, is a journey through time, that goes back to many years of antiquity and  leads you to discover the incredible past of Ireland. This marvelous tour, will bring you to the amazing Boyne Valley, where you can find Celtic remains, tombs with more than a 5.000 ages of antiquity, a castle which it is the best anglo-normand castle preserved in Ireland, a monastery with Celtic crosses and a wonderful medieval village called Drogheda.

The Hill of  Tara:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

The Celtic Boyne valley tour starts from the city centre of Dublin, as we leave the city our guide explains to us the most interest monuments visible from the bus. As we make our way out of the city we will cross the Phoenix Park, which it is one of the biggest city parks in a European city. We will continue our way until we arrive to the Hill of Tara, here will be our first stop. This spot it is one of the most important places in the Boyne Valley also known as Royal Valley. The significance of this place is that it was the seat of the high king of Ireland who reigned the country from this place, Its location at the Center of Ireland is very relevant and this area is the most historically relevant place in Ireland. Here you will discover a large number of ancient monuments, such as: burial mound and stand stones dating back to the iron age. As well as, a church transformed in the XIX century. Before going to the next destination, we will have the chance to take a coffee in a coffee shop located there. After, it is time to go to visit the town of Trim.

Standing Stone, Celtic Boyne Valley tour

Trim Castle:                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

In this picturesque village, you will find the biggest and best preserved anglo-normand castle of Ireland. This impressive building was built in XIII century by Hugh de Lacy. In this castle gardens, it was where the Braveheart movie was filmed. To understand better the history of this monument, a local guide will lead us to the castle and after the tour guide will take us to the Tourist Office(which it is located close to the castle) to teach us in a enjoyable way the tools and customs that were used at that time. After this we will move to next point, Tomb of Loughcrew.

Trim Castle, Celtic Boyne Valley tour

Trim Castle, Celtic Boyne Valley tourTomb of Loughcrew:                                                                                                                                                                             

We are in the County of Meath. In this marvelous place is located the group of tombs that have been dated around 3000 BC in the Neolithic period. We will make our way towards the tombs, once we climb the hill (the level is easy) we will have the chance to take a breath of fresh air and of course go into one of the tombs an learn of the relevance of this tomb to astronomy. Once inside, we can see the chambers and analyze the walls artworks that  dates back more than 5000 years . But nowadays, it is still unknown why they were placed there some think they were tombs others think they were ritualistic centers. Once we go down the hill, it is time to lunch in the coffee shop . So we have time to rest a bit, before going to the Monastery of Monasterboice.

Loughcrew, Celtic Boyne valley tour

Megalytic ruins, Celtic Boyne valley tour

Monastery of Monasterboice:                                                                                                                                                                 

We travel to the County of Louth, a magic place. Monasterboice is a group of ruins and this heritage monument is composed of: two churches, two Celtic crosses, they are the best preserved in Ireland. One of them, is the Muiredach cross and its height is 5,5 m and it seems that  biblical images are displayed. The second one, is the west cross which it is thinner and its height is 6,5 m. We can also find a circular tower, which it is the second highest tower in all Ireland. And finally a big cemetery. After this, we are heading for the town of Drogheda which it is located very close to the monastery. High Cross Monasterboice, Celtic Boyne valley tourHigh Tower Monasterboice, Celtic Boyne valley tour                                                                                                                                  

Town of Drogheda:                                                                                                                                                                                   

We are still in the County of Louth and in this medieval town will be where our tour comes to the end. But before we have to visit the most important points of this village, such as: the church of San Peter, is located in the main street and whose main fasçade is neo-Gothic style. After that, we will approach to another main tourist attraction and is the gate of Saint Laurence, which was built during the XIII century and it was served as the entrance and the exit of the city for many centuries, up to nowadays. Once we have done the visit it is time to take the bus and come back to the city. But before, we have time to have a break about fifteen minutes. The duration of the journey is approximately fifty minutes and the better way to make something more pleasant is listening to Irish music. The guide played us Irish music during the almost all journeys. We had a fabulous day on the Celtic Boyne valley tour!!

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