Celtic Boyne Valley Tour, Discover The Boyne Valley With Delia

Celtic Boyne Valley A Day With Delia

I am here again!! 🙂

I had another tour last week..I went to The Celtic Boyne Valley on Friday…

The best tour!!!

Well, I love history and cultural sites!

It was a great sunny day and we left Dublin, from the Stone Church, at 8 am.

We were 20 people on the bus and Gabe was our driver and there was a woman in her training day, too (she is learning Irish history before starting driving).

We travelled a short time, half an hour more or less, and we stopped at Hill of Tara, one of the most important historical sites of the Valley. 


The High Kings ruled the country from this exact location!!

Gabe spoke a lot over there! Telling history of the different sites, with legends and folklore, it was really interesting! 


Then he left us some free time in that great green land and I had a walk and stopped in the old cemetery and I felt so in peace with the planet…I felt good, in the right place..There was a fantastic view over there..they say you can see quite half Ireland from there! And it is true!

Celtic Boyne Valley, Hill of Tara

So we left it through a beautiful Irish landscape…

Celtic Boyne Valley


 And we had an extra stop at Bective Abbey, where the princess scene of Mel Gibson’s Braveheart was filmed.


Celtic Boyne valley tour 


A charming, abandoned place..we took some photos 

Day tour to the Celtic Boyne valley

and then everybody on the bus and off to the coloured town of Trim!

Trim, celtic boyne valley


Here there is the largest and best preserved Anglo-Norman castle in the entire Ireland!

And the movie “Braveheart” was filmed right here, in this castle!

Trim Castle, Celtic Boyne valley



And then Gabe drove us to the best attraction of the tour, in my opinion: the passage tombs of Loughcrew.

It was a long and strong walk to join it, but once on top we went inside with a guide waiting for us there.

Loughcrew, Celtic Boyne Valley Tour


It not so big, with stonewall artwork dated 4,000 years old inside! 

Stone Carvings, Celtic Boyne valley tour 

It is a mystic place, full of energy…you can feel it..in every cairn you look at.. wonderful Ireland!!

Loughcrew Cairns, Celtic Boyne Valley

We went for lunch in a typical Irish pub with delicious dishes, before we journey to another symbol of Irish art: The Celtic High Cross of Muirdach at Monasterboice!

It is the finest High Cross in all the island, around 5 meters high, with lots of decorations about Old and New Testaments. 

s.  High Cross, Monasterboice

But it is not the only one, there is another big cross and a lot of small ones within the grounds, there is also a cemetery there.

There are churches and the rest of the Abbey and the second highest round tower in whole Ireland! These high towers were built by the Monks and the local population in which to take refuge from raiding Viking. Such a little space with lots of history!! 🙂

High Cross, Monasterboice, Celtic Boyne Valley.


On the way to our last stop, we pass through Slane village and its castle, where lots of famous bands did concerts or played in one of the country’s largest music festivals, hey do in the castle, such as U2, The Rolling Stones, Queen…

So we arrived in Drogheda where we had an hour free time to go around and see this lovely city and fall in love with it!




We arrived in Dublin at 6 pm after another great day with Irish Day Tours!

I was tired, but satisfied..

A really interesting tour, i am surely going to the Celtic Boyne Valley again…

 For more info visit the Celtic tour





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