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Cliffs of Moher tour

The Cliffs of Moher tour departed at Suffolk Street at 6:50 in the morning.  It was really early and I think most of us were still very tired but it was totally worth it, as we would see later the day. Also our guide Joey was a really fun guy, entertaining us by singing some traditional Irish songs and telling us some interesting stories about Irish history and mythology. Leaving Dublin behind, the day started to get brighter slowly so that we could see some beautiful sights of Ireland while Joey took us to our first stop in Limerick.
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Arriving there we got the opportunity to get off the bus, stretch our legs and take some pictures of King John’s Castle, built at the banks of river Shannon, and the famous Treaty Stone.
Back on the bus Joey took us further to the western coast of Ireland. We could see how the landscapes changed and the fields started to get rougher. It was an amazing view and luckily we had quite nice weather- it was a bit misty though- but it gave me some nice pictures of beautiful Ireland.
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At around 11:40 a.m. we arrived at the Cliffs of Moher where we spent 1,5 hours walking on top of the cliffs and enjoying the amazing views. Unfortunately it was too misty to see the Aran Islands but still it was breath-taking, looking down at the Atlantic Ocean and seeing its waves break at the cliffs.
 Sadly we had to depart from this amazing spot on the Irish west coast but lunchtime was calling. So Joey took us to the lovely little village of Doolin where we had a tasty meal at Fitzpatrick’s Pub. After that we went out to have a look around when suddenly a cute dog appeared out of nowhere wanting to play with everyone. It was really cute watching the dog running up and down trying to find someone who would play with him.  He even jumped on the bus! Maybe he wanted to come along and see the Burren too? But when he realized that he could not stay with us on the bus he ran off somewhere and we left Doolin without him.
Our next stop was a national park called the Burren. It is a huge limestone region.
Corcomroe Abbey, Burren, Ireland
Joey showed us a nice place at the cliffs where you could have a little “Titanic moment” by standing on the edge, metres above the Atlantic Ocean, and scream “I am the king of the world” just like Leonardo DiCaprio did in the movie “Titanic”.  It was really crazy standing on top of these limestone cliffs and if you would go one step forward you would fall deep down into the Atlantic Ocean. I am sure I will never forget this day!
After leaving the Burren, Joey took us to Corcomroe Abbey. It is only a ruin today but still you can take some beautiful photos of it.
Galway bay - Irish day tours

Galway bay

There was one last stop at the seaside village of Kinvara before we headed back to Dublin. On our way back it was already dark again so we could not see anything outside the bus but it was okay because you now had time to snooze a little (it was a long day after all), dreaming about the amazing and beautiful landscapes of Ireland we saw today. I highly recommend the Cliffs of Moher tour with Joey!
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