The River Lee Cork City

If you like Dublin and you are fascinated by it, then you cannot miss the magnificent City of Cork, in the south of Ireland. The citizens love defining it as “the real capital of Ireland”, because it offers the true Irish atmosphere, the pure one.

In fact as soon as you set foot in the city, suddenly you can feel the cozy and calm atmosphere, and it seems almost unreal. The journey to go there is long, around 3 hours, but it is absolutely worth it. Once you arrive there you can breathe the history of this place, really important from the maritime point of view, thanks to its harbor.

It is said that to get lost is the best way to get to known a place. getting lost in Cork is pretty easy. Let the curiosity carry you between the charming little streets. You will be astonished by the bright colors, by the music of the street artists and by various aromas of tasty food.

English-market Cork City

What about food? Well, if you are a cuisine lover and a “good fork”, you cannot miss the English Market. This is an important destination for those looking for local products. You will get lost between the colours, the perfumes, the sweet and the salty. Taste so many local specialties such as the butter eggs, fresh fish, cheeses, bread and unusual products such as the tripe and the black pudding.

St Finbars church Cork City

Now let’s move a little further. The one thing that you cannot miss is the Saint Finbar’s Cathedral, a majestic Gothic structure that will leave you jaw-dropped. You can see all the smallest details that make up the decor and lose yourself in the various ornaments. St. Finbars’s Cathedral is dedicated to the patron saint of Cork city and it is located in the city center and is the religious center on the diocese of Cork. The neo-Gothic cathedral contains more than 1,260 sculptures, a particularly ornate pulpit and shows a massive use of marble.

I guess that this is the ideal place where you can spend a beautiful and sunny Sunday, isn’t it?

Our team is waiting to lead you to discover this little gem of Ireland 🙂

View of the river Lee in Cork City


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