A day at the Giant’s Causaway with Liam

Hi guys and welcome to the 2nd round!

Yesterday at 6.30 a.m. my bus left a sunny Dublin, by the north side, to rich the North of Ireland…

Of course, Liam, the driver didn’t know me, I have to be always a spy!

While leaving Dublin he described us what we were going to see during the day, with Celtic music background..

Of course we stopped in different place and the first one was a village on the coast, but I don’t remember the name..(sorry!)


After this short stroll, we joint Carrick a Reid rope bridge, a wonderful place…

It is managed by the National Trust and Liam gave us a free entry ticket!! J I had a really nice walk there, in front of the sea, in front of Scotland, in a lovely green landscape, before arriving to the frightening bridge… 


There was a door and a “guardian” there!! He helped us to cross, just 8 person per time can go on it, ensuring us it was strong and safe! 🙂 And it was so, like a seesaw! And even families with babies did it! So I crossed…



And suddenly it started to rain…what a pity!! But I joined the top of the hill, greeted Scotland and came back to the bus, we had an hour to see it and it was enough. 

So we moved to Carrick for lunch! 45 minutes later we were finally on the way to Giant’s Causaway!!

Well I have no words to describe this place… it is simply breathtaking!!! Something like a fantastic place…it seems to be on another planet… unbelievable! 




 We have been there for 1 hour and a half, so time to go to the shopping centre for a hot drink and some shopping, too.Of course you have to pay in pounds, it is Great Britain!

So at 3 p.m. again on the bus, we stopped for some photos near to Dunluce Castle, the most romantic castle in Ireland, they say and, even if it was raining or maybe that’s why, I felt a magical atmosphere there…



So, at 5 p.m. we arrived in Belfast with our guide explaining the main buildings and attractions, such as the Titanic Museum and the City Hall, a masterpiece of architecture in my opinion!


We had an hour to explore the city by ourselves and we enjoyed the city centre of this lovely city, a different atmosphere from Dublin, you really feel in Great Britain here! Not only for the money, but for the accent people have, the mood they have and the personality of the city itself!

The bad thing was rain.

I would like to do this tour again in a sunny day to see places in a better light and enjoy them at the best!

I was a fantastic day and I suggest everybody this  tour in “Great Britain”!

Of course I loved the landscape I could see from the window..everything was green and a lot of sheeps with their black faces…and cows in every corner… so Irish!! I am falling in love with this wonderful country! 😉


We arrived in Dublin around 8 p.m. and I felt so honoured to be in this great company, discovering the country (for free!) with such a nice staff!

Well what else? See you soon the next adventure!


Click for more info on the Giants causeway tour from Dublin





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