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Looking for a day tour exploring some of the sites on the award winning TV series game of thrones? We have got the one for you. Our Giants Causeway-Game of Thrones day tour brings to up to the mystical north of Ireland to explore some of the most famous sites in the area. Our 1 day guided Giant’s Causeway – Game of Thrones Tour will bring you to some of Northern Ireland’s most treasured sites.  Find the courage to cross the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and get take in some of the most beautiful sea cliffs along the causeway coast. Experience the wonderful land and seascape of the world famous Giant’s Causeway, one of one two UNESCO world heritage sites on the island of Ireland. Visit the Dark Hedges and tour Dunluce Castle both made famous from the hit TV programme, Game of Thrones. You depart early morning from Dublin heading north. We will have a comfort break on the way and then head into the Northern Irish countryside.

Along the drive you will visit the Dark hedges, a picturesque tree-lined road that looks as if it comes straight out of a story book. The Dark Hedges represents the King’s Road in the famous television series “Game of Thrones” and is an avenue of beech trees with branches hanging over the road. Next we visit and cross Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge which connects a 23m-deep and 20m-wide chasm between the mainland and a small island that has been used over the years by fishermen to place netting to capture migrating salmon.  Following a 20 minute scenic cliff walk, you can traverse the bridge to the island with its abundance of birdlife, and to enjoy the spectacular coastal views from a different vantage point. After lunch it is time for The Giants Causeway which is the highlight of the trip. This UNESCO World Heritage site consists of a series of over 40,000 hexagonal shaped rocks that looks like a grand set of stairs leading into the sea, the formation of which has been astounding generations. These awe-inspiring stones have resulted in inspiring many a myth and stories surrounding their origin, some of which your guide will just to be happy tell you in full Technicolor! After the amazing Giants Causeway we continue to the spectacular Dunluce Castle, precariously perched on Cliffside, once home of the notorious McDonnell clan! This tour includes a self-guided tour of Dunluce where you will get an insight to its fascinating history and the peerless family who owned it. Finally, you will arrive back in Dublin at around dinner time to reminisce about your northern adventure.

One of the first things you will see on the tour is the magical dark hedges. It was intended as a compelling landscape feature to impress visitors as they approached the entrance to their Georgian mansion, Gracehill House. Two centuries later, the trees remain a magnificent sight and have become one of the most photographed natural phenomena in Northern Ireland. In fact, the iconic trees have been used as a filming location in HBO’s epic series Game of Thrones, representing the King’s Road. You will see this iconic scene in Season 2, episode 1: On the King’ s Road, Arya Stark has escaped from King’s Landing, disguised as a boy. She is with Yoren, Gendry, Hot Pie and others who are to join the Night’s Watch, in a cart, travelling north on the King’s Road.

the-dark-hedgesNext you head to the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. The bridge was not featured in Game of thrones put the beach right beside it, LarryBane quarry, is featured! This old chalk quarry is now the overflow car park for National Trust owned Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge. The scene it was primarily used in was also the introduction of Brienne of Tarth in season two; she fought (and beat) Loras Tyrell in front of King Renly. The sandy beach and white cliffs can be seen very clearly in these shots of Game of Thrones.

The giants causeway itself was not featured in game of thrones but is a fantastic site and we cannot pass up the opportunity to show it to you, its pretty breath-taking.

Dunluce Castle is our last stop on this epic tour. On its basalt outcrop high above the waves, the turreted ruins of Dunluce Castle – or House of Greyjoy, as Game of Thrones fans will know it – look ready for their close-up. Here, outside the bounds of George RR Martin’s fiction, Sorley Boy MacDonnell from nearby Scotland – the Mull of Kintyre looms across the channel – ousted the McQuillan clan in 1584. Offspring of the Lords of the Isles, Scots warlord-turned-Ulster chieftain Sorley Boy swore fealty to Elizabeth I; his son, Randal, became the first Earl of Antrim. Dunluce hasn’t escaped previous notice among story-tellers. Many admirers of The Chronicles of Narnia, by the Belfast-raised CS Lewis, believe that he found his model for the craggy towers of Cair Paravel here. The grey joys were lucky to have a castle like this!

Dunluce Castle2

There are many more incredible sites from game of thrones up in the North of Ireland as nearly 70% of the entire series was filmed up there! If you’re a fan of the show, the north of Ireland is the exact place for you.

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