Giants Causeway day trip.

The Tour to choose: Giants Causeway day trip.  

We want you to experience the Giants Causeway tour as if you were there! This tour hosted by Irish Day tours is an interactive and spectacular tour up to the magical Northern Ireland. The tour leaves from the fair city of Dublin and visits some of the most interesting sites in Ireland including the UNESCO heritage site: The Giants Causeway. This tour allows you access to some of the most breath-taking highlights around Ireland and gives you an insight into the history surrounding Northern Ireland and also shows you some of the most jaw-dropping views in the country! 

To start our adventure the tour meets outside the Molly Malone statue on Suffolk Street at about 6.20 in the dark streets of Dublin. The tour guide comes to collect the tour as excitement fills the group for the day ahead. The blue bus awaits us as we stand in line to reach the comfortable seats of the bus with sleep in our eyes. With a friendly greeting from our bus driver and tour guide you can hop aboard the warm cosy coach and take a seat for the journey ahead. As everyone boards the bus you can take a moment to settle in your seats and get comfy. The smiling bus driver reviews the itinerary for the day when everyone takes their seats you’re off! As the tour passes through the back of the city the sun begins to raise and all the canals and small towns are shrouded by a new golden light. Soon we are heading out towards the Motorway.  

As the bus rides smoothly over the motorway as the driver gives you some information about the attractions that will be seen during the day and the some history about Northern Ireland. The itinerary is gone over again and then a little snooze in a cosy reclined chair is needed for the journey up north. Sleepy heads rise at 8.00am which is the first stop for a bathroom break and to grab a coffee to wake up for the morning activities. As the motorway fades, the green glorious fields open up in front of the coach. Little cottages, bumping hills, shallow streams and sheep roaming the landscape, these are the site you will see on the way to the next stop which is the legendary Carrick-A-Rede rope Bridge. The charming villages pass you by as you listen to the bus driver explain all about the area. Inching closer and closer to the wild Antrim coast is very exciting and when it finally appears over the hill in the distance it’s a welcomed site.  

First Stop is the Dark hedges a stunning avenue lined with intertwining ancient beach trees. This area has grown in popularity since been featured in the Game of Thrones as the Kings Road.


The tour soon arrives down at the Bridge at 10.15, the coast is waiting here for you and it will take your breath away. The tourists trundles off the bus, tickets in hand heading for a 20 minute walk down to the bridge. The cliff walk gives you the full Irish experience with its rugged wild coastline and white rolling cliff edges and with its green rolling pastures on your other side.  

The bridge was originally erected by salmon fishermen and has been in use for 350 years and it is now in front of you and it seems like a long journey to the other side. The ropes sling over the crashing waves below as the seabirds sing overhead. The coast is so wild and calm the same time, it is a great experience to be by the flowing currents. The shaky bridge over and back will certainly get your heart going! This location shows you the amazing landscape of Ireland showcasing the wonderful coast as well as providing a daring twist!  

Carrick a rede rope bridge

All are back in the bus at 10.45am and its time to head out on the next adventure: The causeway! On the journey to the Giants causeway there are spectacular views over Whiteparks Bay and Portbradden. Before tackling the legendary Causeway you first stop for a bite of lunch at a small quirky lunch spot, were the lovely driver recommends the steak and Guinness pie, which is very delicious and rich. The bus driver is so friendly and lovely; he makes everyone on the coach comfortable and informed about the area as well as cracking a few jokes along the way.  


The tour arrives at the main event by 12.00pm and so begins the 15 minute walk down to legendary UNESCO world heritage site. As the walk down to the causeway begins the anticipation is building in the thought that at any moment the causeway could peek out from around the corner. The rocky coastline and wild waves pass you by as you inch further toward the destination. Finally those near-perfect hexagon tubes come into view, thousands of them. The black stone structures glinting in the daylight, slick with sea spray from the rolling waves crashing upon them. It really is spectacular, an incredible natural structure which leaves you speechless. Everyone on the causeway looking forward in awe of the amazing formation. It really is a lovely place to sit down and just take in your surroundings for a while. You will not regret a trip up to the magnificent causeway. 


Everyone hops back on the bus after a chilly visit to where the giants used to fight and you’re off to view the stunning scenes of Dunluce Castle. This is a chance for a good look at the ancient castle. First built on the dramatic coastal cliffs of north County Antrim by the MacQuillan family around 1500, the earliest written record of the castle was in 1513. It was featured in the Game of Thrones as the house of the Greyjoys! 

Dunluce castle

After a roam around the fascinating Dunluce castle the tour heads back on the bus for 5.00pm and its homeward bound. As the tour guide finishes up his commentary on the area the tour will be arriving back in Dublin at 7.30 after a comfy, sleepy ride. The Dublin lights start to shine in the windows and you know that the tour is almost over, and what a fun-filled day it was. After a friendly goodbye and send off from the guide you’re heading home with wonderful thoughts of your day!  

Irish day tours provide many tours to suit you, but this tour is well worth a go, as it’s full of interesting sites and such picturesque views. Visit the Giants Causeway tour page to book the perfect tour for you today:  We’d love to show you exactly what Ireland has to offer! 

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