Howth – A Little Piece of Paradise on Ireland’s Coast



Usually tourists which travel around the world use to go visiting big cities, really confusing, noisy and full of pollution… but have you ever think about escaping from the fuss of the city? Escaping from the big buildings, pollution, confusion, crowded places to breathe clean air and see only nature around you?

Well, if you travel in Ireland you are in the right place. Obviously Ireland is famous for its green and unlimited landscapes where dominates the absolute nothingness… but often these places are very famous tourist destinations. But if you want to enjoy this amazing country and for only one day being out from everything, you just need to move one twenty kilometers from the centre and you will find a paradise!

In my opinion I have found this place a small corner of paradise where you can spend a relaxing day and enjoy the amazing views of Ireland.

What place am I talking about? Obviously about Howth. This beautiful place, which at the beginning was a fisherman’s village, and now it retains the characteristics of an old seaside town, calm and really cozy. Howth is a Dublin’s suburbs which is located on the Howth Head’s peninsula and it is connected to the rest of Dublin by a narrow strip of land from Sutton Cross.

Howth City Harbour

You can enjoy the landscape from the train that takes you from Dublin directly to Howth. The first thing that you can notice when you arrive there is a small and beautiful food market where you can taste different foods, from salty to sweet and fried… things that make your mouth watering! Good for a lunch break!

But if you want really enjoy the first one- specialty of this place, you must go to Beshoff Bros, located in front of the seaside and there you will have the best fish and chips experience ever!

Food Market in Howth City

Howth City fish and chips

But obviously the most exciting thing is the landscape that you can discover walking along the cliffs’ pathway… moving along you can enjoy the smell of saltiness and clear air. Once you have climbed to the top, the view is breathtaking… you feel torn between an expanse of water and field, there you can have a rest, sitting down and enjoying the moment.


On the coast you can have a walk towards the lighthouse, surrounded by the colors of this place, from the light green to the first colors of the autumn: a real paradise for the wild life lovers.

So… if you re of step-by-case in Ireland, why don’t you make a stop in Howth? 🙂

view from Howth City's cliff

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