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Kilkenny & Wicklow Tour

Glendalough Wicklow tour



DEPARTURE TIME : 9:00am (arrive 10 mins before)

DEPARTURE LOCATION :  Nassau Street opposite “Print Save” print shop. MAP

This tour is on a Collins Bus


Adult : €33

Student / Senior Price: €28

Child U12 : €20

Note: Multi tour discount does not apply to this tour.





If you enjoy quiet, pristine scenery of lakes and green landscape this is your tour. Embark on an adventure through Wicklow that will take you from the hustle and bustle of Dublin city to “The Garden of Ireland.” This is an area that has seen its share of conflict back in the revolution in 1798. The Wicklow area is full of history that is nestled within the mountain.

Spend an hour and a half enjoying some peace in Glendalough by immersing yourself in the beautiful landscapes and historic sites. Glendalough is a peaceful area to calm your mind and invigorate your senses. Sit under a tree and look over into the blue Glendalough Lake. Afterwards learn a little history of St. Kevin and his monastery. Learn of his past and how he impacted the people around him.

We will then explore the historic castle in Medieval Kilkenny. Enjoy your meal on the castle grounds or in the town of Kilkenny. Furthermore, we will explore the beautifully restored church of Dominican Black Abbey.

After a day filled with peaceful scenery, castle grounds, and restored churches enjoy a coach ride back to the hustle and bustle of Dublin city.





Glendalough & Kilkenny Tour Itinerary



Our Wicklow tour from Dublin departs from Nassau Street opposite the Celtic Note Music Shop. We begin our journey southwards, traveling through some fantastically scenic areas.

10:00am    GLENDALOUGH  

We stop off in beautiful Glendalough to enjoy nature at its finest. Here was where St. Kevin built his monastery in the 6th century. Today the buildings that remain date back to the 10th and 11th centuries, and are beautifully nestled within the mountains. Explore the monastic site and take in your surroundings. It is a peaceful spot, one to calm the mind and invigorate the senses. You have 1.5 hours to discover the area, before we continue our journey onto the stunning Wicklow mountains and Kilkenny.


After enjoying Glendalough's history and landscapes, we hop back on the bus and continue our journey through beautiful Irish countryside on our way to Kilkenny.

11:45am  WICKLOW GAP

Take a scenic drive through the wonderful Wicklow mountains and have a photo stop at the spectacular Wicklow Gap.  


Arrive in the Medieval capital of Ireland, Kilkenny. We will visit the historic castle and you can have lunch in the town of Kilkenny or enjoy your packed lunch in the castle grounds. Explore the castle grounds before we take you around the city exploring the charming streets and Kilkenny's hidden gems such as the Black Abbey.



after a day filled with beautiful nature, history and lovely architecture.

Wicklow / Glendalough Photo Gallery


A great introduction to this ancient and beautiful part of Ireland!

So glad we booked this trip. It was a spur of the moment decision to take a day out of our long weekend in Dublin and see a bit of the countryside. From the moment we introduced ourselves to Dermott, our guide, and Liam, our driver, we felt very welcome. Having only booked the day before, we had not done much research and had a woeful lack of knowledge of the area and its history. Dermott is an excellent guide and made it all come alive. I could almost see those early Christian scholars going about their offices in Glendalough! Liam negotiated some unexpected tight bends and marathon related traffic conditions beautifully, too.
I would definitely recommend this tour.

Trip Advisor October 2017

Excellent day tour to Glendalough and Kilkenny

A visit to St. Kevin's monastery will transport us to mysterious medieval era. It is so serene, well words are not enough to describe the feeling. I was very much moved by seeing the graves, dilapidated structure, and surroundings. The day when we visited it was raining . The breath taking beauty of the surrounding mountains made us feel very very tiny. The gusty winds cascading waterfalls drops of rainfall added it's own beauty . I felt sad abt thinking about the holy men, their hard life in those days. To attain salvation the path is which they tread was/is sooooo difficult. Man built those structures and ironically enough man caused the destruction. Here nature is at its best. A visit to this site is a MUST. I would like to visit this again n again.

Wicklow Glendalough Kilkenny

I have traveled the world since childhood. Never have I met a more competent, caring, and genuine tour guide than Pat (along with associate & driver John). Without hesitation, I will enthusiastically recommend Collins Day Tours and insist my friends and family seek out the masterful and poetic Pat whenever their travels take them to Ireland. 

Let me put it this way: If I left the US tomorrow, and moved to Dublin, I would seek out Pat as my new best friend. Everyone left the tour that day (12 October 2017) feeling the very same way. I cannot say enough about this company, and most especially Pat. A true wonder!

Pat, I will return to Ireland one day with my son. I hope we can take your tour once again. I shall never forget the joy we all shared that day. Thank you!


Excellent Tour Guide

I will remember Pat as an outstanding tour guide. I highly recommend this, especially if you are staying in Dublin. It's the rich scenic Irish countryside tour, away from the city, that you're looking for. Glendalough offers that natural beauty. Later, Kilkenny contains many shops, pubs, and the enormous castle. 
With Pat's warm-hearted and jolly personality, you will certainly be attracted to his stories. Also, his thorough knowledge will make your day trip a very memorable one. Don't miss out!


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