The best activities for families with kids in Ireland

The best activities for families with kids in Ireland

Ireland is always worth a trip – if you’re alone, with your partner or friends or with your family. Actually, the island offers many activities perfectly suited for families with kids. From Irish fairytales and enchanted forests to thrilling adventures or fascinating animals. In this blog post, we’ll show you some of the best activities in Ireland to do with your kids.


Wild Ireland Park

Set in an ancient rainforest in Donegal, Wild Ireland Park is a perfect stop for families on their road trip. Here, children and their parents alike can experience the native wildlife of Ireland up close. Next to otters, hares or boars, which you might be able to spot in the wild, visitors can also see wolves, lynxs, bears or reindeer, which have been living in Ireland sometimes thousands of years ago. Even more exotic animals like macaques or wallabys live in the park. Many of Wild Ireland Park’s animals have been saved from poachers, circuses or other unsuitable conditions.  


Blarney Castle and Gardens

A visit to Blarney Castle is a must for families exploring Ireland. Kids will love exploring the historic castle's winding staircases and hidden chambers, while parents can marvel at the breathtaking views from the top, where you can also kiss the famous Blarney Stone. The surrounding gardens offer an oasis with tranquil paths, colorful blooms, and even a poison garden filled with intriguing plants. The woodland walk is especially suited for kids with its waterfall, fairy glade and wishing steps. And don't forget to say hello to the resident animals, including friendly goats who call the castle grounds their home. Blarney Castle is the main part of our Blarney Castle Day Tour from Dublin.


Wells House and Gardens

Step back in time at Wells House and Gardens, a historic estate in the heart of County Wexford. Families can explore the perfectly manicured gardens with their colorful floral displays, where secret pathways lead to hidden treasures. The estate's animal farm is a hit with kids, who can pet and feed friendly farm animals including goats, pigs, and chickens. An adventure playground, picnic areas, and seasonal events throughout the year offer endless opportunities for family fun and relaxation. On Sunday 5th May, there will even be a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in the ground of Wells House and Gardens for children, their families and their favorite cuddly toy.


Beyond the Trees

Stunning views, lots to learn and a giant slide are just some of the things making Beyond the Trees Avondale a perfect destination for families with kids, On the treetop Walk, kids can learn about the trees and wildlife as well as unleash their inner adventurers as they navigate treetop trails and rope bridges high above the forest floor. Those play areas are designed for all ages and abilities, making Beyond the Trees the ideal place for families to bond over thrilling outdoor experiences while surrounded by stunning natural scenery. The 38-meter Viewing Tower at the end of the walk serves as its highlight and offers a giant slide for everyone who wants to get down again in mere seconds. Beyond the Trees is one of the stops on our Glendalough and Wicklow Mountains Day Tour.


Castlecomer Discovery Park

Located in County Kilkenny, Castlecomer Discovery Park is a paradise for families seeking outdoor adventures. From treetop canopy walks to zip lines, the park offers a variety of activities to suit every age and interest. While the “Adventure Awakes trail” offers clue-hunting fun for children aged 4-9, kayaking, mountainbiking or the “Aerial Adventure Course“ are more suitable for older adventurers their parents. With a playground, an elf and fairy village, picnic areas and a cozy café serving delicious treats, it's the perfect destination for a fun-filled family day out.


As you can see, Ireland is just a playground waiting to be explored by families with kids. Whether you're uncovering the secrets of ancient castles, embarking on outdoor adventures in the wilderness, or simply enjoying a peaceful picnic, there's no shortage of unforgettable experiences to be had. So pack your bags, gather your loved ones and set off on a journey to discover the magic of Ireland together.

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