Where to find the most beautiful beaches in Ireland

Where to find the most beautiful beaches in Ireland

When thinking about Ireland, most people have rolling green hills, ancient castles and cozy pubs in mind. However, it is an island after all and with spring and summer coming along, you’ll be happy to hear, that there are many beautiful beaches all around Ireland. From secluded coves to stretches of golden sands, Ireland's beaches offer a unique blend of beauty and tranquility. Here's our curated list of seven of the best beaches in Ireland that should be on every traveler’s itinerary.

Inch Beach in County Kerry – white sand for miles

County Kerry is home to some of the most beautiful shorelines in Ireland. No wonder the famous Ring of Kerry attracts so many visitors – tourists and inhabitants alike. So of course, you also find beautiful beaches there. Along the Dingle Peninsula, there is for example Inch beach. With white sand, stretching for miles, and a dramatic backdrop of mountains, this beach is the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or a thrilling surf session. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to spot dolphins.

photo by Tommy Kwak on Unsplash

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Keem Bay  

Keem Bay, located on Achill island in County Mayo, has been ranked one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by several sources – including Condé Nast’s “Traveller”. The beach offers not only soft white sand to stroll upon, but also views of the clear turquoise water and sometimes even basking sharks, dolphins or seals. Bonus point: Most of the time, the rather hidden beach is not too crowded.

photo by Aleksei Mzhachev on Unsplash

Secluded and stunning – Dogs Bay in County Galway

Dogs Bay is a hidden coastal gem known for its stunning beauty and unique white sand, making it a rare find along Ireland's rugged coastline. The sand on this beach actually consists of obliterated shells of foraminifera and it is one of only very few places where this sand can be found onshore. With its horseshoe shape and sheltered bay, it's perfect for swimming and paddling, ideal for families and nature lovers alike. Visitors can enjoy exploring the dunes, birdwatching, or simply relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere of this secluded paradise.

Endless sands on Curracloe Beach in County Wexford

Curracloe Beach is a sprawling expanse of soft, sandy shores backed by dunes and pine forests. The beach is not only perfect for swimming and long walks on the shore, but also a highlight for film-lovers, as it has been a filming location for the Hollywood Blockbuster “Saving Private Ryan” in 1997. Alongside actor Tom Hanks many inhabitants of Wexford served as extras in the opening scenes of the film. The Hollywood legend praised the magnificent scenery and the laid-back attitude of the locals even many years later.

Whiterocks Beach next to the Giant’s Causeway

As you’re driving along the Causeway Coastal Route, you will find Whiterocks Beach, a picture-perfect stretch of golden sand bordered by limestone cliffs. Located near the town of Portrush, this Blue Flag beach is renowned for its clean waters and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you want to catch the waves or just soak in the Irish sun, Whiterocks Beach for sure is worth a stop during your trip around ireland.


Learn how to surf at Inchydoney Beach in County Cork

Located on the picturesque West Cork coastline, Inchydoney Beach is renowned for its pristine sands and clear waters. As Ireland's only Blue Flag beach with a surf school, it's the perfect place to learn how to catch a wave or simply unwind with a seaside picnic. With its stunning sunsets and panoramic views of the Atlantic, Inchydoney Beach is a true coastal gem.

The silver beach – Malin Beg

Malin Beg Beach, also known as Silver Strand, is nestled along the Donegal coastline and a true paradise with crystal-clear waters. Surrounded by dramatic cliffs and lush greenery, it offers a picturesque backdrop for a day of relaxing and exploring. Whether you're basking in the sun, exploring nearby sea caves, or simply taking in the breathtaking views, Malin Beg Beach promises an unforgettable seaside experience.

photo by Brian Kelly on Unsplash

As you can see, Ireland’s shores have a lot to offer, if you want to spend some days relaxing during your adventurous roadtrip or if you want to explore the stunning nature and diverse wildlife of the island. And if you’re looking for a place to catch some waves or to take your first steps on a surfing board, the beaches connecting to the wild Atlantic Ocean are perfect for you.

Source header photo: Lindsay Thompson on Unsplash

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