eCommerce development

Holbi Ecommerce development

Holbi  has been involved into Ecommerce development since 2002 when we created and successfully launched the first several Ecommerce websites of  our  customers  in  the  UK  and  USA. Since then we developed and launched over 2,000 online shops in multiple countries.

Ecommerce  development is not just about development. First of all, we interview   our  client  and  assess  their  business,  their  current website(s),   websites   of   their  competitors. We aim to understand strategic  goals   of   our   client  so  that  the  Ecommerce website would  not  just address current needs but provide a reliable platform
for growth and flexibility in the future.

Then we create a map of business processes and see how the new website will fit into it.

The  next  step  includes  creating  of  a  wireframe  model that will describe  the  architecture  of  the  new website and explain the main interactions, involving users of different roles.

After  that  we  create unique graphic design or use existing graphics and integrate it with the Ecommerce engine - TrueLoaded.

Finally,  we  add  various  features,  run  tests  before  the site is presented to the client for acceptance testing.

Ecommerce  development from Holbi also involves site launch. We have a special   Ecommerce   Hosting  department  that  deals  with  servers, configurations and maintenance.

The   work  doesn't  stop at the site launch. As our client's business develops  we  are often asked to support and maintain the website, add more features, or create additional Ecommerce front ends.