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Past visitor experiences

Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains, Kilkenny
A wonderful trip, educational, you can take a walk. Our guide Mark was incredible, he made sure that the trip was smooth, and that everything was on time, apart from the incredible amount of information he was continually giving us.
Maher A.
Wild Atlantic Way Expedition
We could not be happier with our 6-day trip, in which we have discovered incredible things about this country, we have gone on hikes, visited castles and contemplated the wonderful Cliffs of Moher, all very well organized by our guide Jennifer
Chris R.
10 day trip !
We are an American group of 14 people, who decided to visit Ireland, to see where our ancestors came from and learn a little more about their culture. Thanks to Irish day tours, we were able to design our trip according to their team's suggestions. and everything was followed according to the plan we had designed. We traveled all the way north and then south stopping in magical places. Thanks to Irish day tours for this trip.

Multi-Day Tour FAQ’s

What are multi-day tours?

A multi-day tour, refers to a tour experience that extends over several consecutive days, typically ranging from 2 to 13 days or even longer. Unlike standard day tours that are completed within a single day, multi-day tours allow travellers to explore a broader range of destinations and experiences over an extended period. In the case of Irish day tours, multi-day tours are not fixed itineraries but rather fully customisable journeys. Traveler's have the flexibility to design their own itinerary or work closely with us to create a personalised tour experience that suits their interests, preferences, and the duration they desire. These tours often involve visiting multiple attractions, cities, or regions, staying in different accommodations, and experiencing a diverse range of activities throughout the duration of the tour. Multi-day tours provide travellers with the opportunity to dive deeper into the culture, history, and natural beauty of Ireland.

Where the tours start and end?

We normally start and finish at any point in Dublin City, but we can adjust to your requirements.

What is included in the tour package?

Multi Day Tours are created for the customer, therefore it depends on the tour what is included. Options can include: Guided tours Hiking Horse Riding Visits

What is the group size for these tours?

Our group sizes range from 1 passenger to 94 passengers.

What type of accommodation is offered?

Accommodation depends on the customers preference and budget.

What is the cancellation policy

CANCELLATION FREE OF CHARGE FOR THE WHOLE GROUP UP TO 6 WEEKS BEFORE ARRIVAL. 6 weeks to 4 weeks before arrival - 25% cancellation fee 4 weeks to 2 weeks – 50% cancellation fee from 2 weeks before arrival - 100% cancellation fee PLEASE NOTE: if any of the accommodations have a stricter cancella

Can I customize a tour or request a private tour?

Yes, we can provide you with set itineraries and these can be adjusted to your own preferences.

Will there be a guide or a driver on my tour?

A driver is included in the tour. If you require a guide this can be added to your package. They will provide you with exclusive insights into the best places to go, the must do experiences and all the ins and outs of everyday life of the destination you are exploring.

How i book a private multi-day tour experience?

Please contact us through the below 'Contact us' form. A representative from our sales team will then get in touch to start arranging your trip.

Is there 24/7 support service during my trip?

When booking a multi-day tour experience, we offer you a 24/7 support service so no matter where you are or what time of the day it is we are just a call away to help you out. This reassuring service will help you explore your destination with ease and confidence.

What if something goes wrong? Who can we contact?

We provide a 24/7 support service so no matter where you are or what time of the day it is we are just a call away to help you out. This reassuring service will help you explore your destination with ease and confidence.

What payment methods are accepted?

All major payment methods is accepted.

What languages are tours conducted in?

Our Guides are English speakers, however, if you require a multilingual guide this can also be arranged.